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Billing extra than the promotional offer


I have recently purchased two mobile lines with mobile in promotional offer (unlimited BOGO plan) from Xfinity.

The deal was after using my xfinity rewards amount where one of my phone is free and for other one I have to pay $11.25/month for 24 months and $30 for both lines (totaling $41.25). I have paid $120.62 with $11.25 (total $131.87) upfront fee and order my deal. Now, they have sent me a bill of $179 for the phones including lines ($60), no promotional offer has been applied!!! When I tried to contact the Xfinity mobile they are forwarding my call to Xfinity internet as I have order with my internet plan and the Internet agent forwarding my call to the mobile as this a mobile billing problem!!! Some of them said that next month it will be adjusted but I can see a different promotional offer has been applied to my account which makes my current billing to $66 for 24 months, which is still higher!!! Why there is a change in plan without information!!

I have the document where they email me about the final price after promotional offer that I have to pay each month for 24 months!! 

I have sent documents at support@xfinitymobile.com on January 8th, but didn't get any reply from them yet. Please solve the issue at your earliest and let me know if you need any information.


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3 months ago

Hello and welcome to Comcast @user_mjkrbz. Thank you so much for reaching out to us regarding your mobile concern. You are in the right place and we are happy to assist you with getting your mobile concern addressed. We have your direct message and will continue to assist you privately. Please be reminded that sending unsolicited Direct Message to an Official Employee of the Xfinity Community Forum, is a violation of Forums Guidelines. In the future we ask that you pleas find the most appropriate public board for your question type and post it there. If needed, we may invite you to send us a Direct message. 

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2 months ago

If you call enough times, Xfinity will respect your persistence and will apply 30 dollars as discount on each billing cycle. Basically, agent suggested me to call them 12 times (once every billing cycle) to get the 30 dollar credit for the line (Total 360 dollars).

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