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ANSWERED: How to Make International Calls with Xfinity Voice and Xfinity Mobile



How do I call internationally with my Xfinity Home Phone or Xfinity Mobile?




Xfinity Home Phone

With the XFINITY Voice Unlimited plan, you can make calls to nearly half the world, at home or on the go with your smartphone or tablet.

Save on your wireless plan when you call Canada, China, India, Mexico, South Korea, Hong Kong, Singapore and Puerto Rico – at no additional cost. It’s more ways to stay connected to more places!

With XFINITY Voice® you can enjoy great rates to your favorite countries available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You can also learn about our international calling plans where you get 300 anytime minutes to use within the region that you call the most.

Charges do not include taxes and Universal Service Fee. Charges may not include fees assessed by foreign telecommunications companies for calls placed to wireless phones, pagers, personal computers, and personal assistants. Please refer to the mobile termination rates for more specific information on applicable charges.

Carefree Minutes plan applies only to direct-dialed calls made from your Comcast telephone number to locations included with plan and does not include calls to operator services and directory assistance. Separate long distance carrier connections and dial around calling are not available. Unused minutes do not roll over to the following month. For plan coverage areas and restrictions, call 1-800-266-2278. Carefree Minutes plans require subscription to Comcast XFINITY Voice service for an additional fee. Comcast XFINITY Voice Unlimited includes direct-dialed calls from Comcast telephone numbers to locations in the U.S., Canada, Puerto Rico, and certain other U.S territories as well as China, Hong Kong, India, Mexico, Singapore and South Korea. Prices shown do not include equipment and installation charges, taxes or the Regulatory Recovery Fee, or other applicable charges (e.g., international calling or per-call charges). Comcast XFINITY Voice service (including 911/emergency services) may not function after an extended power outage. Certain customer premises equipment may not be compatible with Digital Voice services. EMTA required ($10.00/month from Comcast). Service is subject to Comcast standard terms and conditions. Pricing and services subject to change. Call for restrictions and complete details.


Can't find the country you're looking for? Check out our additional international calling plans below and call today 855-755-1211

Xfinity Mobile 

The Call Pass allows you to make unlimited calls from the United States to family and friends in Mexico and Canada, instead of paying a per-minute rate. To switch to the flat rate, just log into your Xfinity Mobile account and go to any line's Data Details. Add it from there. It costs an additional $10/mo for each line you add it to. All your calls to our North American neighbors will be covered under one, predictable monthly rate.

What else should I know about the Mexico and Canada Call Pass?

There are a few more things you should be aware of if you get the Call Pass.

  • When you add it to your line, it will retroactively cover calls to Mexico and Canada made during your current billing cycle.
  • It doesn't cover calls made from Mexico and Canada to the United States.
  • The $10/mo charge will recur until you choose to remove the Call Pass.
  • It's not pro-rated or refundable, no matter when you add or remove it.
  • When you remove it, it'll remain active for the rest of your current billing cycle. At the start of the next, it'll become inactive.
  • When it's removed, you'll go back to paying a per-minute rate for your calls.
  • Your Call Pass will come with you if you switch between data options.

Important note: The Mexico and Canada Call Pass is only available for phones at this time. If you have an Apple Watch paired to a phone with a Call Pass, the Call Pass does not transfer to it. Any calls made to Mexico and Canada through your Apple Watch will be charged under international rates.

We offer competitive rates for calls from the US to other countries—free texting always included.

How to make international calls

International calling should be a quick and simple process if you have access to the latest list of international calling codes and country codes. The dialing sequence required to reach contacts in other countries should be the same series of numbers when dialing from any location.


The first step in international calling is to dial the international direct dialing number (IDD), also known as the international call prefix or exit code. When calling internationally from the United States, the IDD is 011. In other countries, the exit code will be a different set of numbers and may also vary based on phone carrier or type of phone service. Often the IDD may be depicted as a plus sign before an international telephone number. When making international phone calls, simply replace this plus sign with the corresponding international call prefix.


The next step is to dial the country code that corresponds with the country you are trying to reach. Every country in the world has a specific country code, and some countries may share the same code.

See Country Codes for a list of telephone country codes and international area codes.


Thirdly, you will need to dial the city code or area code associated with the phone number. It is important to note that some small countries may not use city codes or area codes. On the other hand, a large country may have hundreds of city or area codes.


The final step is to dial the local number to connect the international phone call. Consult an updated list of country codes, dialing codes, trunk codes or a trunk prefix, city codes and area codes before placing your international call. You may also wish to review global time zones and a world clock to ensure that you are not phoning an international contact at an inconvenient time or off-peak hour.

Resource for international calling codes

There are a number of online resources for international calling codes that regularly update all country codes. Review this content before making international calls to ensure your long distance call is successfully connected. Some recommended sites are listed below:

International calling and international phone cards allow you to stay close to your family, friends and colleagues even when they are far away. You can now connect with distant relatives and contacts through a few simple steps while keeping your phone bill costs down to a minimum.

Restrict Toll or International Calls on Xfinity Home Phone

Call restriction allows you to restrict toll and/or international calls to your home phone.

See Use the Call Screening Feature with Xfinity Voice to learn more about adding international numbers to your Call Screening list. However, please note:

  • Telephone numbers from Canada and some Caribbean countries may be able to be blocked; however, you may need to contact us for assistance.
  • Telephone numbers from outside of the NANP (most international numbers with the exception of Canada and some Caribbean countries) cannot be blocked.

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