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Friday, March 8th, 2024 5:09 PM

Xfinity Mobile

I wish to make a complaint regarding Xfinity Mobile.  I was getting ready to travel to Cuba for 10 days.  I contacted Xfinity for Global Pass.  I was told by a girl from the Philippines that the cost would be $10. per day & I needed to be sure my phone was on Data Roaming.  I agreed to the charges for the 10 days I would be out of country.  When I got to Cuba I got a quick blurb that stated Cuba was not covered by Global Pass, so I put my phone on airplane mode for the 10 days I was away. I never made a phone call or sent or even looked at text messages.  I only took it off airplane mode when I was on the hotel wifi for my final 3 days to check my airline information.  Upon my return I was charged $3,248.00 for data for 3 days.  I called & spoke with a young man (3/1/24) whom I had trouble understanding, but he said he would escalate my concerns to the Roaming Supervisor & I would receive a call in 3 days (3/4/24).  The call never came.  I called again & spoke to Omar (3/7/24) who told me that there was nothing they could do except work out a payment plan.  Xfinity NEVER should have sold me Global Pass in the 1st place & I feel that I should not be charged this full amount of $3,248.00.  I did get a loan to pay this but I am very unhappy.  I am a Diamond client & have been with the company for 20 years,  I feel I have been very badly treated.

Additionally, the phone tree to speak with an agent regarding matters as grave as this are awful.  You keep going round & round & get a recording about business mobile & not standard mobile.  It is very hard to speak to a live person & especially one that speaks clear English.

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3 months ago


nhmartian This certainly isn't the experience we want for our customers using the service, and I appologize you are having trouble reaching an agent over the phone that is able to assist. Have you tried to use the chat by chance to see if that works better for you? This link will help you get where you need to in order to speak to a chat agent xfinity.com/xfinityassistant/?channel=xMobile. Please let us know if this works out better for you. 


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1 month ago

I would like to file a complaint regarding my trip to Cuba.  Upon my return,  received a invoice for $2,000.82.  I have been on the phone with Xfinity Mobile for 7 days or at least 1 hour per day to dispute and resolve the issues.  The best they could do is work out a payment plan.  There is nothing on their website that indicates the data charges of $5/MG.  I keep getting a run around and suggestion of going to the nearest store.  No one has the authority to discount these astronomical fees.

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user_dr2pgo we will always do our part to help you. We need to make sure you have already worked with our Xfinity Mobile team through chat support and over the phone. Have you already called support at 888-936-4968 and used chat to review the charges? This is a link you can use for Xfinity Mobile chat support. 





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