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ANSWERED: How to Return Your Xfinity Equipment



How do I return my equipment back to Xfinity?




How to Return Your Xfinity Equipment

Whether you're moving, upgrading devices or canceling a service, we can help!

Visit our Digital Return Center at and follow the on-screen instructions for the device you'd like to return to us.

If you don't see your device, simply follow the return options below. Even if you’ve already disconnected your account, you can still use the Digital Return Center. You just need your Xfinity ID and password.

If you need to return or exchange:

For help moving, just tell us a bit about your move at We'll take care of the rest so you can move in about a minute.

Instructions in Different Languages

Find these instructions in a different language below:

Simple Options To Return Xfinity Equipment

Should you need to return your rented equipment, there are a few ways to do so (all free of charge).


Initiate your return online and send your equipment back with a prepaid UPS shipping label.

  1. Sign in and visit the Equipment Return page.
    • Note: You must have your Xfinity ID and password to process your return online.
      • If you don't, you can head directly to a UPS Store near you.
    • Already submitted a return request?
  2. Check off the device(s) you'd like to return and select Continue.
    • When returning your device(s), check the serial number on the device to ensure that it matches your selection.
    • Note: If you're returning a TV Box, you can click Identify Device.
      • This will send a signal to that specific TV and display an on-screen message to let you know it's the correct TV Box.
  3. Choose a reason for return and press Continue.
  4. Select a return option, follow the listed instructions and press Confirm.
    • If you’ve selected UPS Prepaid Shipping:
      • Return to the Device Management Center.
      • Select Return Details for the device you’re returning.
      • Click Print Shipping Label to print the label for your package.
  5. Put the equipment being returned into its original box.
  6. Place your UPS prepaid shipping label on the outside.
    • Keep the top portion of the label with the tracking number included, as this will be your receipt.
  7. Call 800-PICK-UPS to schedule an at-home pickup by using the label tracking number.
    • You can also drop the package off anywhere that UPS shipments are accepted.
    • Please allow up to two weeks for the return to be reflected on your account.


Visit us at any Xfinity Retail Store.

  1. Find an Xfinity Retail Store location near you.
  2. Visit to make an appointment.
  3. Drop off your equipment at the Xfinity Retail Store.
    • After you return your equipment, it'll be immediately removed from your account.
  4. Our team at the Xfinity Retail Store will provide you with a receipt confirming your return details.


Stop by a UPS Store.

  1. Visit to find a UPS Store near you.
  2. You can package the equipment yourself using a cardboard box and the prepaid UPS shipping label you printed at home.
    • If you don’t have a cardboard box, you can bring your equipment to the store.
    • A UPS representative will pack and ship your equipment back to us at no charge.
  3. You can track the progress of your return at or on
    • To find your tracking number:
      • Reference the tracking number on the return label to monitor your package.
      • Reference the tracking number on your physical receipt if a UPS Store representative packaged the equipment for you.
    • Please allow up to two weeks for the return to process and your account to reflect these changes.
    • Stay in the Know: If you have an email address on file, you'll also receive a confirmation email letting you know that the equipment was received and the date that the return was processed. Update your email address.


How to Return or Exchange xFi Pods

Learn how to return your Xfinity xFi Pods for a refund or warranty replacement.

Return for Refund or Hardware Warranty Replacement

To initiate a return for refund or hardware warranty replacement, complete the xFi Pods Return Form. Once you've completed the form, you'll receive an email confirmation with next steps on how to return the equipment, as well as details on how your refund or hardware warranty replacement will be processed.

Note: You'll need to return your xFi Pods within 30 days of original purchase to receive a full refund. However, xFi Pods (2nd Generation) can be replaced within one year under the hardware warranty.

Older xFi Pods (1st Generation) are no longer under warranty and can't be exchanged for the new model (2nd Generation). We’ll continue providing support to customers who own them; however, these devices are no longer eligible for warranty exchange. Learn more about the limited warranty for Xfinity xFi Pods.

Need help with your xFi Pods? Check out these FAQs about xFi Pods.


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