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ANSWERED: How to Add, Invite, Manage, and Remove Users on Your Xfinity Subscriber Account

How To Add and Invite Users to Your Xfinity Subscriber Account

If you want to give other members of your household access to your master Xfinity account, you can create up to six distinct users online.

Note: If you’re trying to link separate Xfinity accounts with existing Xfinity IDs, please follow these instructions.

By adding a user, you allow them access to your subscriptions, such as Xfinity X1 TV viewing. You also have the option to give a new user access to billing permissions.

Each account user must reside at the premises where the Xfinity services are provided.

Invite a New User to Your Account by Email and/or Text

To add a new user, you can invite them by email or text message to create their own Xfinity account.

  1. Sign in to as the Primary user.
  2. Click the Account Icon  and then click Account and Identity.
    Account and Identity appears as the second in a list of options

  3. Click Add someone new underneath the list of current users.
    Screenshot. Add someone new option.

    • Note: If you don’t have other users on the account already, click Invite friends and family.
      Screenshot. Messaging: Invite friends and family with one click.

  4. Select Manager, Member or Viewer.
    Select manager, member or viewer and see what they'll have access to.

    • Note: The Viewer option gives the secondary user limited access to the account and will require you to fill out their user information for them rather than send them an invitation.
  5. Enter the new user’s first and last name, mobile number and email. Then click Send.
    Screenshot. Name, address and email fields to send an invite to the new user.

    • Note: The invitation will be sent to both the email address and mobile number.
      • The new user will only need to verify the invitation through one message.
  6. You'll see a confirmation message.
    The confirmation page has the header

  7. The new user will receive an email and text message invitation to create their Xfinity ID. They will need to accept their invitation by entering the Primary user’s street address.
    The invitation page that new users receive has the header

  8. Once the user accepts the invitation, they'll be prompted to create their Xfinity ID and password. The new user account will be created once the forms are completed.
    • Note: If no action is taken within seven days of the invitation being sent, the Primary user of the account must make a new invitation request.

How To Remove an Xfinity ID

Removing an Xfinity IDpermanently deletes a secondary user’s Xfinity ID. All settings and preferences for this user will be erased.

  • When you remove a secondary ID, you'll likely lose emails, voicemails and other information associated with the ID.
    • Be sure to print or save copies of anything you want to keep.
  • If the ID is linked to more than one account, it will not be deleted.
    • The ID will lose access to the account it was removed from.

Note: If this ID has made scheduled payments, those will need to be canceled prior to removing the ID. Only primary users can remove an Xfinity ID.

Xfinity xFi users can also manage access through xFi

Remove a Secondary ID

  1. Sign in as the primary user.
  2. Click the Account iconAccount iconand then click Account and Identity.
    In your account, click Account and Identity.

  3. Scroll down to locate the user you wish to remove and click their name.
    Find the user you want to remove from your account.

  4. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click Remove from account to permanently delete the ID from your account.
    Scroll down and click remove from account.

  5. You'll be asked to confirm if you want to remove the selected user. Click Remove.
    Confirm your choice by clicking remove.

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