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ANSWERED: What is two-step verification with Xfinity?

Comcast offers two-step verification using the Xfinity app to provide extra layers of digital security and an easier sign-in experience. The Xfinity app is available for download on Apple and Android phones.

The Xfinity app alerts you when someone attempts to use your Xfinity ID and password to sign in to your account. You can approve or deny the sign-in attempt with a yes/no button push, facial recognition, one-touch fingerprint ID or a traditional verification code.

Set up two-step verification

  1. In your account settings, navigate to Xfinity ID and security.
  2. From there, tap Two-step verification to begin the enabling process.
    The Security section has the Two-step verification option.

  3. If you don’t already have an email and mobile phone number associated with your account, you’ll be prompted to add and verify them as back-up contact methods.
    • You must have both an email and mobile phone number on the account to enable two-step verification.
    • Note: You can’t use an Xfinity email address.
      The two-step verification screen is displayed with a button to Get started at the bottom.

  4. Once your email and phone number are verified, hit Turn on (on the following page) to enable two-step verification.
    The option to Turn on two-step verification is at the bottom.

    • If your device has biometrics enabled, you’ll be prompted to add another layer of security by using either facial recognition or a fingerprint whenever there’s a sign-in to your Xfinity account.
      • Note: This is optional.
        The Enable Face ID option is available at the bottom.

  5. Two-step verification is now on. Whenever a sign-in attempt for your Xfinity account is made from a new device or after a period of inactivity, you’ll be notified and can confirm or deny the sign-in.
    The confirmation that two-step verification is on is displayed.

    • Note: After you enable two-step verification, you’ll be able to check a box for Don’t ask again in this browser. If you check this box, you won’t be prompted to sign in as often when you use the app.
      The approve sign in page is displayed.

Verification methods

The Xfinity app offers four different methods of authentication when using two-step verification:

  • Yes/no push notifications (in-app or in the notifications bar)
  • Biometric scanning (facial or fingerprint)
  • Traditional text message or email codes
  • A code generator in the app

Note: If you want to use yes/no push notifications or biometrics, you must allow notifications; otherwise, you’ll be required to use one-time codes sent to you by text message or email, or the code generator in the app.


The default method for two-step verification is by push notifications.

When someone attempts to sign in with your Xfinity account credentials, a notification will appear in any registered devices’ notification bar, asking to verify the login as legitimate. If you or someone you know didn’t attempt to sign in, remember to hit “No, deny” and change your password immediately to keep your account safe.

The push notification is displayed.

You can also verify the sign-in request within the Xfinity app if you’re currently using it or clear away the sign-in request.

The approve request button is at the bottom.


If your device supports biometric scanning, you can use a one-touch fingerprint ID or facial recognition as an extra layer of security. You’ll be prompted to use this in addition to push notifications when setting up two-step verification.

The fingerprint scan page is displayed.


If you don’t enable push notifications or biometric scanning, your device will default to verification through text message or email codes. This will generate a random six-digit code, sent to either your email or mobile phone, which you’ll be prompted to enter when you sign in to your Xfinity account. These are one-time codes which expire in 15 minutes.


You can also use the in-app code generator to verify log-in attempts. This will generate a random six-digit code that you’ll be prompted to enter when you sign in to your Xfinity account. You can find this method under Code generator on the two-step verification screen.

The code generator page is displayed.

Set up multiple devices

You can have up to five registered devices that receive push notifications to approve sign in requests. To register a new device, navigate to the two-step verification page and tap Register this device.

The two-step verification page is displayed.

Note: All registered devices will receive push notifications to confirm sign-in requests.

Once registered, you’ll be able to manage your devices and their settings from the two-step verification screen. The purple dot will indicate the device you’re currently using.

The two-step verification page is displayed with the purple dot beside the phone used for verification.

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