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ANSWERED: What is the Xfinity Authenticator App?

Comcast offers Multi-Factor Authentication using the Xfinity Authenticator to provide extra layers of security for logging in and accessing most of your Xfinity services. The Xfinity Authenticator is an app available for download on iOS (phones only) and Android (phones only).

The Xfinity Authenticator will alert you when someone attempts to use your Xfinity username and password to sign in to your account. You can approve or deny the login attempts either with a traditional verification code, yes/no button push, one-touch fingerprint ID or facial recognition on the iPhone X. In order to use Multi-Factor Authentication, however, you need to first set up your Recovery Options, which customers can do with the Xfinity Authenticator or in My Account.

Your Recovery Options - also known as Two-Step Verification - requires a verification code in addition to an Xfinity username and password to sign in. You can receive the verification code via SMS text sent to your mobile device, or via an email sent to a third-party email address (such as Gmail, Hotmail, etc.). You can also use your Recovery Options to sign in if the Xfinity Authenticator app is not available.



Setting Up the Xfinity Authenticator

  1. Download the Xfinity Authenticator app from the Apple App Store or Google Play.
    Xfinity Authenticator App Icon 
  2. Open the app and select Register now.
  3. Use your Xfinity username and password to sign in. You may be asked to enter your Two-Step Verification code if you’ve enabled it previously.
    Xfinity Authenticator App Login Screen
    Xfinity Authenticator App login screen requests verification code. 
  4. If you haven’t already done so, you will then be prompted to set up your account with Recovery Options, which include your mobile telephone number and personal (non-Comcast) email address.
    Xfinity Authenticator App Recovery Options screen 
  5. You will then receive a text message and email to verify your information.
    Xfinity Authenticator App mobile phone number verification text message
    Xfinity Authenticator App email verification message
  6. After verifying your mobile phone number and personal email address, your device will be registered.
  7. You will then be prompted to allow notifications to make approving sign in requests easier.
    Xfinity Authenticator App - allow notifications screen  
    • If you wish to use the yes/no button notification, fingerprint ID or facial recognition (on iPhone X), you must allow notifications; otherwise, you will be required to use a changing six-digit code in the Xfinity Authenticator to sign in
      Xfinity Authenticator App face ID approval screen
      Xfinity Authenticator App fingerprint approval screen 
    • On iPhones, Apple independently prompts for allowing notifications, so you must allow notifications on both screens in order for them to work. If notifications were not allowed for the app at the time of Apple iOS prompt, then you need to configure to allow them in your phone settings.
    • You can always change your preferred method of approval in the Settings menu of the Xfinity Authenticator.
      Xfinity Authenticator App settings menu 
    • You can also view and update your registered devices on My Account.
      My Account Settings screen shows registered devices in lower portion.  


Two-Step Verification instead of Multi-Factor Authentication

We recommend using Multi-Factor Authentication to make your account more secure; however, if you cannot or do not wish to use Multi-Factor Authentication with the Xfinity Authenticator, you may use Two-Step Verification by setting up your Recovery Options in My Account.



Adding Additional Xfinity Accounts

If you have access to more than one Xfinity account, multiple accounts can be added by selecting the three dots in the upper right-hand corner and selecting “Add another Xfinity account”.




You will be prompted to sign in with the account credentials and go through the enrollment process.




Adding Third-Party accounts

The Xfinity Authenticator also supports third-party accounts as well. You can add a third-party account on the welcome screen by selecting “Use other type of account”. The third-party account you are adding must already support multi-factor authentication.



If you have already added an Xfinity account, third party accounts can be added by selecting the three dots in the upper right-hand corner and selecting “Add a different type of account”.




You will then need to enable multi-factor authentication in the third party account. You will be given a scannable QR code that can be used to add the account into the Authenticator. Simply scan the QR code with your device’s camera and the account will be added.




If you are unable to scan the QR, select “Enter Key Code instead”. You will then be given the option to enter the code manually, as well as enter the name of the account.






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