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Thu, Aug 10, 2017 1:00 PM

ANSWERED: Thermostat Scheduling Available in the XFINITY Home App

Learn how to use the Thermostat Scheduler in your Xfinity Home Subscriber Portal to manage your Thermostats and keep your home temperature just where you want it.

What You'll Need

  • Xfinity Home

  • At least one Thermostat connected to your Xfinity Home system

  • Access to your Xfinity Home Subscriber Portal






What Is a Thermostat Schedule?

A Thermostat Schedule enables you to set your preferred home temperature for time periods that you define throughout the day and night. With a schedule, you can control your home's heat and air conditioning to manage energy costs and stay comfortable.

Adding or Changing a Schedule

Sign in to your Subscriber Portal. (See Sign Into Your Xfinity Home Subscriber Portal or Xfinity Home App for Mobile Devices for more information.)

  1. On the Overview page, click Devices in the menu bar. Xfinity Home - Automation functions the same way as the Xfinity Home Secure screen shown here.
    Overview page with Devices right-most option on menu bar. 
  2. On the Devices page, click Manage Schedule in the box for the Thermostat for which you want to add or change the Thermostat Schedule.
    Devices page.
    Did You Know? You can also access an existing schedule by clicking Automation in the menu bar. On the Automation page, click Edit Schedule next to the Thermostat Schedule you want to change.
  3. On the Devices page, scroll down to the schedule section.
    Device Details page with Cooling Schedule on the bottom quarter of the screen. 
  4. If no schedule exists, click Activate Schedule.
    Device Details page with no existing schedule.
    If you're adding a schedule, the schedule displayed is a predefined one that you can customize. If you've already created a schedule, your current Heating or Cooling Schedule will be displayed. The vertical colored line indicates the current time.
    Device Details page with Cooling Schedule highlighted.
  5. To switch between Cooling and Heating schedules, click the Heat or Cool icon at the upper right. We're looking at the Cooling Schedule.
    Heat/Cool icon. Heat is to the left, Cool is to the right. 
  6. If you're happy with the timeslots shown, leave them as is. Otherwise, click the timeslot you want to change, then drag the start-time bar or end-time bar to a new time. Timeslots must be a minimum of one hour and can't be deleted.
    Cooling Schedule with start-time set to 07:00 AM and end-date set to 10:00 PM.
  7. To change a temperature, click the timeslot, then click the circled temperature.
    Schedule with time slot highlighted. 
  8. In the Change Temperature bar, click the plus (+) and minus (-) signs to increase or decrease the set-point temperature for the selected time slot.
    Change Temperature bar with plus (+) and minus (-) signs highlighted. 
  9. To copy one day's schedule (timeslots and temperatures) to other days, click the name of the day you want to copy, then select which days you want to copy to:
    • Apply To All Days
    • Apply To All Weekdays (if you clicked a weekday)
    • Apply To Saturday/Sunday (if you clicked Saturday or Sunday)

      Careful! Changes are saved immediately and can't be undone.
      Schedule with confirmation messaging. 
  10. Click the Heat icon at the upper right to switch to the Heating Schedule.
    Heat/Cool icon. Heat is to the left, Cool is to the right. 
  11. Set your timeslots and temperatures for the Heating Schedule in the same way you did for Cooling.
    Heating Schedule. Heat icon is in the upper right corner and is highlighted.

You're done! Your new/updated schedule appears in the rules list on the Automation page.


Activating or Deactivating a Schedule

The Heating or Cooling schedule is automatically activated when you set your Thermostat to Heat or Cool mode. To set your thermostat to Heat or Cool mode:

  1. Find the Thermostat box on the Devices page or Device Details page.
    Device Details page with Thermostat box highlighted. 
  2. Click the current mode icon to display icons for the other modes, and select a new mode:

    Click the Off icon to turn off the Thermostat.
    Off icon.
    Click the Cool icon to set the Thermostat to Cool mode.
    Cool icon.
    Click the Heat icon to set the Thermostat to Heat mode.
    Heat icon.

To deactivate your Thermostat Scheduler, turn on Hold Temp to maintain the current set temperature and prevent your Thermostat schedule from changing it. Keep in mind that holding your home at one temperature can result in higher heating and cooling bills. Turn Hold Temp off to reactivate your schedule.

Did You Know? You can also control your Thermostat from your Touchscreen Controller and the Xfinity Home app for mobile devices


Change Thermostat Settings from the Xfinity Home App for Mobile Devices

  1. Sign in to the Xfinity Home app for mobile devices.
  2. On the Overview screen, scroll to the Thermostat tile. Tap plus (+) or minus (-) to raise or lower the temperature, or tap the three dots to open the Thermostat details screen.
    The thermostat screen has three options to choose from; plus, minus, and details.

The Thermostat tile shows you important information about your Thermostat.

  • Ambient Temperature: Current ambient temperature of your home is shown on the left.
  • Thermostat Name: Name you gave your Thermostat.
  • Mode: Current Thermostat mode and temperature settings are shown under the Thermostat name.

The Thermostat details screen shows you additional information about your Thermostat and allows you to change the temperature and some settings.
the details screen has a host of additional information. 

  • Changing the Setpoint Temperature: The setpoint icon (the temperature on the arc) shows the current setpoint (your preferred temperature). To change it, tap the plus (+) or minus (-).
  • Maintaining the Current Setpoint: Next to Hold Temp, tap On to maintain the current setpoint temperature and prevent your Thermostat schedule from changing it. Your Thermostat will cool or heat your home (based on the active mode) until it reaches the setpoint temperature and then maintain that temperature until you turn off the hold. Keep in mind that holding your home at one temperature can result in higher heating and cooling bills. Tap Off to reactivate your schedule.
  • Changing the Mode: The icon beneath the temperature represents the Thermostat's current mode: Off, Cool, or Heat. Tap the current mode icon to display all the modes, then tap the icon for the desired mode.
    • Heat: Warms up your home.
      The heat icon. 
    • Cool: Cools down your home.
      The cool icon. 
    • Off: Turns the Thermostat off.
      The off icon.
  • Running the Fan: Next to Fan, tap On to have it run continuously, even when your system is not actively heating or cooling. Tap Auto to have the fan run only while the system is heating or cooling.
  • Changing the Schedule: Next to Schedule, tap the next setpoint to open your Thermostat schedule.
  • Viewing Thermostat Information: Tap the three dots in the title bar to view additional information.


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