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ANSWERED: How to download and get started with the Xfinity Home App?

Download and Install the Xfinity Home App

The Xfinity Home app is available for Apple (iPhone, iPad or iPod touch) and Android (phone or tablet) devices.

Would you like a preview? The Xfinity Home app demo can be viewed from your phone or computer.

What You'll Need

  • Xfinity ID and password
  • Apple (iOS 11+) or Android (OS 6+) device


Installing the App

  1. Access the App Store (Apple) or Google Play (Android) from your device.
  2. Install the Xfinity Home app.
  3. Once the app is installed, tap the app icon and sign in using your Xfinity ID and password.


Getting Started with the Xfinity Home App



Learn how the Xfinity Home app keeps you connected and in control of your Xfinity Home system.

Would you like a preview? The Xfinity Home app demo can be viewed from your phone or computer. If you already have the app, you can Take a Tour anytime from the More menu.

What You'll Need

See an Overview of Your System

Sign into the Xfinity Home app.

The top area of the Overview screen shows the armed status of your system.

When there are system alerts, an Alerts icon (a triangle around an exclamation point) appears in the top right of the screen. Tap the icon to view the alerts.

Scroll down the Overview screen to see live video from your Camera, current information about your devices and recent system activity.
Overview Screen of the XFINITY Home app for mobile devices

Tap the icons on the bottom bar for quick navigation.

  • Overview icon (home)
  • Activity icon (clock) - View your system activity
  • Automation icon (two dots under an arrow) -View, add and manage rules
  • More icon (three dots)

Manage Your Sensors and Detectors

Scroll down the Overview screen and tap Security Sensors to view Door or Window Sensors and Motion Sensors. The Security Sensors screen shows you the status of each Sensor, such as whether a door or window is open or closed. If there are any problems associated with a Sensor, you'll see an alert.

Tap the Sensor name to see details for that Sensor. On the Device Settings screen, you can tap the Sensor is active box to turn the Sensor on or off. If you turn off a Sensor, it won't trigger an alarm and any rules you have set up for the Sensor will not run. You can also rename a Sensor from the Device Settings screen.

Scroll down the Overview screen and tap Hazard Detectors to view Smoke Detectors and Water Detectors. The Hazard Detectors screen shows you the status of each Detector. If there are any problems associated with a Detector you'll see an alert. Tap the Detector name to see details for that Detector. You can rename a Detector from the Device Settings screen.

Manage Your Cameras

Many Camera features depend on yourCamera modeland video service.

Features that may be available on your Camera:

If you need help with your Camera, get troubleshooting tips.

Did You Know? Many Camera functions and features are now available in the Xfinity xFi app including viewing live and recorded video, downloading motion clips and changing Camera settings like sound.


Did You Know? Your camera can send you an alert when it detects motion. Learn how to turn on Motion Notifications in the Xfinity app.

24/7 Video Recording

24/7 Video Recording continuously records video from your Camera and stores it for seven days. You can use the Xfinity Home app , your Subscriber Portal or your X1 TV Box to view live video and review video clips automatically captured when your Camera detects activity. 24/7 Video Recording is available to Xfinity Camera customers at a small monthly charge. You must own acompatible Camera, or you can purchase one from us. Learn more about24/7 Video Recording.

Live Video Monitoring

Live Video Monitoring allows you to view live video from your Camera. Video is not continuously recorded. If your camera is compatible, you can also save pictures and video clips. Live Video Monitoring is included with your purchase of an Xfinity Camera.

  1. On theOverviewscreen, scroll down to view a thumbnail of each Camera in your system.
  2. Tap the Camera thumbnail.
  3. On the Camera page, you can view live video for the selected Camera.
    • 24/7 Video Recording:If you see theRecording (REC)indicator and a list of motion events, then 24/7 Video Recording is active on the Camera. Learn more about24/7 Video Recording.
    • Live Video Monitoring:If your Camera is compatible, you'll see the Record VideoandTake Picturebuttons. Note: Videos and pictures are only saved in your account for 30 days. If you want to keep them longer, download them! Learn more aboutpicture and video storage limits.
  4. Tap the button to take a real-time picture or video clip.
    • TapView Savedin Activity to view your saved videos and pictures.
    • Tap a picture to see a larger image or tap a video to view a recording.
  5. On the picture/video screen, tap thedownloadicon (down arrow) to download the picture/video to your mobile device. Tap theShareicon to share the picture/video with other people through text message or another app. Tap the Trash icon to delete the picture/video.
  6. On the Camera page, tap thethree dotsat the upper-right. On theCamera Settingsscreen you can turn 24/7 Video Recording on and off (if applicable),turn on sound, change the Camera sensitivity to motion (if available for your Camera) andrestart the Camera.

Manage Your Rules

Rules help you manage your system, saving you time and effort. They are incredibly flexible, customized commands that you use to automate your system, telling it what to do, at what times, on what days, and in response to what events.

On theOverviewscreen, tap theAutomationicon (arrow over two blue dots) to see the rules that you've created for your system.

Learn more about rules:what they are, what they can do for you, examples and more!

Manage Your Scenes

Scenes let you control multiple devices with a single command. You can use scenes to organize tasks by time of day (likeGood Morning), by activity (likeLeaving), or however you choose!

On theOverviewscreen, tap theAutomationicon (arrow over two blue dots) to see the scenes that you've created for your system.

To learn more about scenes, what they are, and what they can do for you, read aboutManaging Scenes.

View Your System Activity

You can use the app to view a history of the events and alerts from your Xfinity Home system for the previous 30 days.

  1. On theOverviewscreen, scroll down to theLatest Activitysection. The most recent system events are listed.
  2. Tap an activity to see a full list of system events.
  3. TheActivityscreen shows your system activity, with the most recent event listed first. TapFilterto view activities by a specific date.


Check Your System Alerts

On theOverviewscreen, tap theAlertsicon to view your system alerts. The red circle on top of the icon indicates the current number of active system alerts.

Try toresolve an alertas soon as possible. If you need more help, see theXfinity Home Help & Support sitefor troubleshooting information orcontact us.

Sign Out of the App

On theOverviewscreen, tap theMoreicon at the bottom of the screen, then tapSign Out.



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