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ANSWERED: How to access Xfinity My Account app

Need help signing in to the Xfinity My Account app on your mobile device?


and Home Screen

  1. To open the Xfinity My Account app, you will need to enter an Xfinity username, email address or mobile phone number and password. Tap Sign In.
    App Welcome Screen. The screen displays fields for signing in.
  2. After signing in, your home screen will be displayed. The app for Apple devices displays the navigation menu bar on the bottom of the screen.
    App Home Screen on an Apple device, listing Outage status, balance due, and closest Service Centers.
    On Android devices, the navigation menu is accessed on the left of the screen.
    App Home Screen on an Android device. Account Icon is selected, followed by choices for TV, Internet, Voice and Home.

The home screen defaults to the Account section of the app. This section provides pertinent account data, including:
  • Billing Information
    • Late Payment Reminder
    • Upcoming Bill (displayed 10 days before bill is due)
    • Payment Received
    • Partial Payment Received
    • Credit
    • Automatic Payment Scheduled
  • Outage Information
  • Appointment Date (if applicable)
  • Callback Time (if applicable)
  • Designated Comcast Service Center


More/Settings Option

You may also access a More (Apple devices) or Settings (Android devices) screen, which provides additional options, including:
  • Help and Support: Grants access to Help & Support pages on, including FAQs on the app
  • Terms and Conditions: Displays Comcast Software License Agreement and Privacy Policy
  • Rate This App: Allows you to provide feedback on the app
  • XFINITY Apps: Allows you to browse and download other Xfinity apps
  • Version: Displays the current version of the application



Frequently Asked Questions: 


How Can I Get the Xfinity My Account App?

You can download the free Xfinity My Account app from the App Store or Google Play. 


Download the Xfinity My Account app

Simply search for XFINITY My Account or click on the links below:

Download the Xfinity My Account app for Apple devices from iTunes
Download the Xfinity My Account app for Android devices from Google Play

If you don't have an Apple or Android mobile device, you can access Xfinity My Account online.
What Apple devices support the Xfinity My Account App?
The Xfinity My Account app is available for the following devices running on iOS 8 or newer:
  • iPhone
  • iPad
  • iPod Touch

Note: While the app can run on iPads in compatibility mode (the app will remain the size it appears on the iPhone), there is no iPad-specific version of the Xfinity My Account app at this time.


Do I Need an Xfinity Username to Use the Xfinity My Account App?

An Xfinity username, a registered alternate email address or a registered mobile phone number and password are required to login and use certain features of the Xfinity My Account app.

All users must be either a primary user or an unrestricted secondary user to log in to the app.


Can I Access the Xfinity My Account App After My Account Has Been Disconnected?

Once your account has been disconnected, you will no longer be able to access or log in to the traditional Xfinity My Account app. However, you will have the option to access a limited version of My Account without signing in with your Xfinity username and password to pay any remaining balance on your account.


I'm a new customer and haven't been activated yet. What can I do with the Xfinity My Account App?


New customers can still take advantage of the Xfinity My Account app even if service has not been activated yet.


Xfinity My Account App Options for New Customers

  • New customers that scheduled an installation appointment can view appointment details and create an appointment reminder.
  • New customers that ordered a Self-Install Kit can view can view their order. These customers may also track the Self-Install Kit package via My Account on


Can I Still Use the Previous Version of the XFINITY My Account App?

You may be able to use the previous version of the XFINITY My Account app for your Android smartphone if your device is not configured to automatically update apps, or if you did not elect to update the app when prompted. However, if you have already updated the app, you will now have the new app experience.

If you wish to maintain the experience of the previous app, you can go to the My Account mobile site ( and select Add to homescreen on your browser menu. This will allow you to navigate to the mobile My Account website on your Android device with one click, and the experience will be the same as what was offered via the previous version of the app.
The Browser menu is on the right side;


Please note that if you are not the primary account user, you may wish to utilize the mobile experience, as the new Android XFINITY My Account app only supports users with primary XFINITY usernames at this time. Those attempting to utilize the app with a third party user ID will see the following:


What if the Xfinity My Account App Doesn't Help Me Solve My Issue?

If the problem has not been fixed, options to call or view relevant FAQs will be presented to you within the application.



Additional Xfinity My Account App Frequently Asked Questions can be found here:

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