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ANSWERED: What are the different roles in Xfinity My Account?

As an Xfinity customer, you can use your Xfinity ID (email, mobile, username) to access your account information online through your account.

The type of information and settings that you can access depends on your user role type, which the primary user can set when inviting additional users to the account.

The Primary user can invite two role types to the account: Manager and Member. The Primary user has full administrative access for the Comcast account. By selecting the role they want the invited user to have, they can control what those users are allowed to see and do.

For account holders or primaries who have users they’d like to grant limited access to, they can set them up as a third role: Viewer.

User Roles Defined

Primary User Role

The Primary user is the account administrator and can:

  • Access all the account's features and settings.
  • Create, delete or suspend other Xfinity IDs on their account.
  • Sign in to their account using their Xfinity ID and password for full access to their account and billing features.

Secondary User Roles

  • The Manager role allows access to services, settings and billing features.
  • The Member role allows access to some services and troubleshooting on an account and limited access to settings but no access to billing settings within the account.
  • The Viewer role allows limited access to services like Xfinity Stream and Xfinity email.

The Primary user and any user they establish as a Manager are authorized to sign up for and manage an Xfinity Mobile account, including:

  • Managing account settings
  • Managing and making payments
  • Making new purchases on behalf of the account
  • Setting up data notifications

For more information on user roles and permissions on your account, see User Roles for:

Note: Only Primary users are eligible to join and manage Xfinity Rewards. For more information, see our Xfinity Rewards FAQs.

How To Change a User's Role on Your Account

To control a user's permissions and access within your Xfinity accounts, you can change their user role between Manager, Member and Viewer.

Note: Only a primary user may change a user’s role.

Change User Role

To change a user's role:

  1. Sign in to as the Primary user.
  2. Scroll to view the users on the account.
  3. Click the user whose role you'd like to change.
    Click the user you want to change.

  4. Under the Manager Permissions section, click Change Permissions.
    Under Manager Permissions, click Change Permissions.

  5. Choose the user role you'd like the user to have, then clickContinue.
    Choose the role for the user you selected. Click Continue.

  6. When the role is successfully changed, you'll see a confirmation message.
    If successful, a confirmation will appear.

Note: You can change a user’s voice permissions independent of their user role. On their user page, under the Allow Access to Voice Features section, click the button on the right to toggle the user’s voice permissions to ON or OFF

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