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Tue, Mar 6, 2018 8:00 AM

ANSWERED: How to change your Xfinity Wifi password

In order to keep your Wifi network secure you may need to change your Xfinity Wifi password. Here are a couple of different ways to get that completed. 


**Note**The following instructions are for Xfinity Wireless Gateways only. If you use an approved third-party modem or router for your Internet services, please refer to its user manual.



Getting Started

Your Xfinity Gateway comes with a default WiFi network name and password. If you have never personalized your WiFi network name and password, you can retrieve your default WiFi information on the side or bottom panel of your Gateway:
Sample WiFi information panel

If you change your password from default settings (strongly recommended), you can access the information several ways:

  • Xfinity My Account Online
  • Xfinity My Account App for Mobile Devices
  • Xfinity xFi
  • X1 TV Box (View Only)
  • Xfinity Wireless Gateway Admin Tool

Any time you change a WiFi name or password, you must reconnect all your WiFi-enabled devices by entering the updated network name and password under the device's WiFi settings.

**Note**: Xfinity Gateways provide dual-band (2.4 GHz and 5 GHz) functionality and the ability to broadcast two networks. If you have an xFi Gateway (Arris 1682G, Cisco 3941T, Arris 3482G, Technicolor CGM4140COM, Cisco DPC3939 or Arris X5001), we strongly recommend using the same network name and password for both bands. Doing so allows the device to optimize network traffic and improve connectivity.



Xfinity My Account Online

  1. Log into My Account
  2. Click Settings on the top of the page. (You can also click Manage Settings on the right-hand side or scroll down and select the Manage Internet tile.)
  3. Click WiFi Network & Password.
  4. Click Edit.
  5. From here you can change your WiFi network's name and password.


For additonal help changing your Xfintiy WiFi Network Name and Password online at see here:




Xfinity My Account App for Mobile Devices

The Xfinity My Account app for mobile devices allows you to manage your Xfinity services and account settings on-the-go.

  1. Log into the Xfinity My Account app.
  2. Click Internet on the bottom navigational menu.
  3. Click on the image of the individual Gateway you wish to edit.
  4. Click Show WiFi settings to view your WiFi information.
  5. Click Change WiFi Settings to modify these settings.
    • If you have created an xFi account to manage your home WiFi, you will be directed to the xFi portal.


For additonal help changing your Xfintiy WiFi Network Name and Password with the Xfinity My Account app see here:



Xfinity xFi

xFi provides Xfinity customers the ability to personalize and control their home WiFi experience. To access and manage your WiFi information:

  1. Login at or via the Xfinity xFi app (Download Apple / Android).
  2. At the top of the Overview page, your WiFi name(s) is displayed. To see your password, touch or click Show Passwords.
  3. To make changes, touch or click Edit WiFi.
  4. Select Apply Changes after making any updates.

**Note**: To access Xfinity xFi, you must be an Xfinity Internet customer with an xFi Gateway. For additional information, please see our Xfinity xFi Overview.



X1 TV Box (View Only)

For xFi Users
If you have created an xFi account, the X1 TV Box offers perhaps the fastest way to access your WiFi network name and password.

  1. Using the X1 Voice Remote, press the microphone button and ask, "What's my WiFi password?" or "What is my WiFi information?"
  2. The password(s) and network name(s) will appear on the screen.

You can also access your WiFi information via X1 TV Box's menu.

  1. Press the xfinity button on your remote control and select the Apps icon.
  2. Scroll down to the Xfinity row and then select the Xfinity xFi app.
  3. Select Show Wifi Password.

Note: You can navigate to the People and Devices sections to view all the connected devices in your home and pause WiFi access for a specific device or group of devices.

For Xfinity Internet Subscribers without xFi

  1. Press the xfinity button on your remote.
  2. Scroll to the right in the menu provided and select the gear icon.
  3. Scroll down in the menu and select Help.
  4. Scroll to the right and select the WiFi tile located under the Troubleshooting section.
  5. Your WiFi network name(s) and password will be displayed.



Xfinity Wireless Gateway Admin Tool

While many find that My Account, xFi and X1 are their preferred tools for accessing WiFi information, you may also wish to use the Xfinity Admin Tool if you are a more advanced user.


  1.  Connect a laptop, computer or mobile device to your home Internet network either by WiFi or an Ethernet cable that is connected directly to your Wireless Gateway.
  2.  Open a web browser and go to the Admin Tool ( This is the wireless gateway's administration site. The default settings to access the Admin Tool are:
    • Username: admin
    • Password: password (case-sensitive)
  3.  Click Login.
    **Note**: If you previously changed your Admin Tool password, you will need to use your new login information. If you don't remember your Admin Tool password, you will need to factory reset your Wireless Gateway.
  4. On the left navigation menu, select Gateway, then Connection and then WiFi.
  5. Under Private WiFi Network, you'll see the Name (SSID) of your WiFi network.
  6. Click Edit. If two network names display, click edit for both 2.4 GHz and 5GHz bands to view each band's settings.
  7. Check the box next to Show Network Password and the password will be displayed.
  8. After making changes, click Save Settings.



How to Find Your WiFi Information on an Approved Modem and/or Router

If you don't have an Xfinity Wireless Gateway but use an approved modem and/or router with your Xfinity Internet service, you can retrieve your WiFi network name and password by consulting your equipment manufacturer's user manual. Visit MyDeviceInfo and click on the link specific to your equipment to see more product/technical support information.




For additional assistance viewing/changing your Xfinity Wifi Network Name and Password see here:


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