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ANSWERED: How to Add, Invite, and Manage Users on Your Xfinity Subscriber Account

If you want to give other members of your household access to your master Xfinity account, you can create up to six distinct usernames online.

By adding a user, you allow him or her access to manage your Xfinity services (billing, account information, etc.) and access your subscriptions such as X1 TV viewing. You can adjust individual permissions.

Each account user must reside at the premises where the Xfinity services are provided.

Add or Invite a New User to Your Account

  1. Sign in to My Account as the primary user.
  2. Click or touch the Users tab at the top of the page.
  3. Underneath the current user portals, select the option to Add a New User.
  4. Select the Create credentials option and click Continue. Alternately, choose Send email invitation and follow the instructions below.
  5. Fill out the form with the new user's details, including their first and last name, a unique username and a password. Click or touch Continue.
    • **Note**: Passwords must be 8-16 characters with no spaces and contain at least one letter and one number or special character.
  6. Keep billing permissions toggled to Off to grant basic account access. Toggle billing permissions to On to allow the new user access to view, manage and pay your bill. After making a selection, click Continue.
  7. Set up a secret question and answer for username/password recovery purposes, and then click Create Account. A confirmation message will appear, showing you the newly added user along with their username and newly created email address.



Invite a New User to Your Account via Email

In addition to creating an account for the new user, you can add a new username via an email invitation, which will allow the user to create their own Xfinity account.
  1. Sign into My Account as the primary user.
  2. Click the Users tab at the top of the page.
  3. Underneath the list of current users, click Add A New User.
  4. Select Send email invitation and click or touch Continue.
  5. Fill out the form with the new user's details, including their first and last name and email address. Click or touch Continue.
  6. Select one of the verification methods (either text message or service address ZIP code) and click Continue. This will be used by the invited user to confirm their identity.
  7. To give the new user permission to view, manage or pay your bill, toggle billing permissions to On and click Invite User.
  8. A confirmation message will appear, and the new user will receive an email invitation to create their account. Next, the new user will need to accept their invitation via text message or by entering the household's ZIP code.
    • **Note**: After entering their mobile phone number, the new user will have 15 minutes to enter the verification code that they received via text message.
  9. Once the invited user confirms their account by text or by entering their ZIP code, they will be prompted to set up their username, password and password recovery method. Once the forms are completed, the new user account will be created.
    • **Note**: If no action is taken within 72 hours of the invitation being sent, the primary user of the account must make a new invitation request.



How to Suspend or Remove a User - My Account Help

  • Removing an Xfinity ID permanently deletes a secondary user’s Xfinity ID, and all settings and preferences for this user will be erased. When you remove a secondary ID, you'll likely lose emails, voicemails, and other information associated with the ID. Be sure to print or save copies of anything you want to keep. If the ID is linked to more than one account, it will not be deleted, and will just lose access to the account it was removed from.

    Note: If this ID has made scheduled payments, those will need to be cancelled prior to removing the ID. Only primary users can remove an Xfinity ID.

    Xfinity xFi users can also manage access through xFi Parental Controls.



To Remove a Secondary ID
  1. Sign into My Account as the primary user.
  2. Click the Users tab.
    Top of My Account screen, with Users tab listed third from the right 
  3. Locate the user you wish to remove, then click Edit to the right of their name.
  4. Click Remove to permanently delete the ID from your account.
    User ID listed with options to Edit Name and Remove on its right 
  5. You'll be asked to confirm if you want to remove the user. To confirm removing the selected user, click Remove User.
    Remove user screen with Remove User button on the right



Additional Resources:

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