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ANSWERED: How to Prevent an Xfinity Home False Alarm

False alarms can pull first responders away from real emergencies, cost you monetarily through fines from local authorities and create a public nuisance. Keep these tips handy to prevent false alarms in your Xfinity Home system.

Tips for Preventing False Alarms

  • Know your system.
    • Read the Getting Started guides to get comfortable with how your system works. Hold a training session to make sure that everyone with a key knows how to arm, disarm and cancel the alarm.
  • Keep your contact information current.
    • Provide at least two Call to Verify and two Call to Notify numbers that will be contacted in case of an alarm. You can set up text alerts as well.
    • You can update your contact numbers in the Xfinity Home app.
    • It's important to save the Central Monitoring Station's phone number (1-844-382-9363) to each of the phones that are listed on your account to help you quickly identify and answer any Monitoring Station calls.
  • Know your Central Monitoring Station passcode.
    • In the event of an alarm, expect a call from the Central Monitoring Station. Provide your passcode so they know it's a false alarm. Choose a passcode that's easy for you to remember, and easy for the Central Monitoring Station to understand. Also, make sure everyone in your family knows the passcode.
    • Learn more about changing and setting your central station passcode with Xfinity Home.
  • Keep areas around Motion Detectors clear.
    • Keep fans, heaters, plants, curtains and seasonal decorations away from Motion Detectors.
  • Change batteries in Sensors and Detectors as soon as you get a low battery alert.
    • Don't ignore low battery alerts from your Sensors. Failing batteries can cause false alarms. It's a good idea to keep spare batteries handy and change them immediately. Learn how to replace the batteries for your Xfinity Home devices.
  • Notify us if something changes.
    • Contact us if you remodel your home or think your system is not functioning properly. Please let us know when you receive your permit number (where required).
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