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Mon, Sep 12, 2022 5:31 PM

Xfiniti is erroneously charging me to fix a problem with their service

I have had the Xfiniti triple play (Phone Internet and Cable) for over almost 15 years now and although I have not always been thrilled with the service, I was always placated once I speak with their customer service reps and have continued my service for all these years.  Most recently, in the beginning of August 2022, my land line phone service just stopped working. I called customer service which is most obviously being done outside of the country now and the lady who answered was very nice and accommodating and after trying to reset the modem and doing the troubleshooting things that I have already done, she suggested that their fix was to send out a new xfi modem.  Hoping this would be a viable remedy to my problem, I agreed to the new modem. Modem comes via UPS, I install it and it is immediately evident that this new modem is not as good as the old one as my kids gaming computer upstairs nows has issues connecting and jumps offline while he is gaming.  The bigger issue is that my phone line still does not work with this new and less efficient modem. I call customer service and they now tell me that they will send out a technician at a charge of $100 to me because that is the protocol when new equipment is installed.  I had the Customer Service rep Lance go over that issue with me and he confirmed that if they were sending out a technician on my old modem then there would be zero charge but because there is a new modem, I have to pay a charge.  The facts are that their xfiniti voice system has failed, they suggested a new modem and now to repair the failure of their product I have to pay a $100 technician fee. This is a very deceptive and unscrupulous tactic.  If a car dealership did this, it would be called bait and switch - What's the difference??????


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Hello , I am sorry for the poor experience that you had with us previously. I'd love to go over what's covered by us. A fee is not applied when the issues is determined to be network issues such as noise on the coax line from an outside source or neighboring property, damaged outside lines (any lines connected to our network up until they reach inside your home), equipment malfunctioning such as our cable boxes or modems, fault at the node in the neighborhood or at the plant, or any signal issues detected caused from something outside of the home.


The wiring inside the home is the responsibility of the home owner/management of the building and may require an electrician to repair, and any damaged/malfunctioning equipment inside the home not rented through us would not be covered. Diagnosis of problems with the connection between your Customer Equipment and your Xfinity services would also not be covered (example: firewall settings preventing a proper connection, a computer not capable of the speed option assigned, etc.) The information shared by the last representative is correct, anytime you sign up for a self installation and the services fail then we must charge a $100.00 installation fee because the service require a professional to repair the service. Please let me know if you have further questions regarding the tech fee. 

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