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Tue, Oct 5, 2021 2:36 PM

Turn Off XFinity Voicemail-It's GOT to Be Easier Than This!

I've seen lots of comments and recommendation on this topic, even one by XFinity to send a peer-to-peer message, but trying to accomplish that is much easier than described.  I have portable phones and an accompanying base with a voicemail capability.  That is the only voicemail I wish to use.  I don't want to open, view, or use the XFinity vm.  How can I turn it off.  What happens is that my messages got that it only goes to XFinity vm if I'm on the phone.  Otherwise, if I'm not on the phone, all vm's go to the phone base voicemail system.  I didn't even realize this was happening until just about a month ago when my son "discovered" the XFinity vm and lo and behold, I had messages dating back to 2013 that I never knew about or heard!!!

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2 m ago

Hello, @user_b16eea. I sincerely apologize for the inconvenience this voicemail feature has caused you. I know how important it is to always have access to any voicemail left on your line. We currently don't have the option to turn off the Xfinity voicemail service at this time.


Please visit this link to learn more about how our voicemail works https://comca.st/3oE4rDJ;




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2 m ago

Two years ago or so I managed to get Xfinity support to turn off voicemail. No option to do it yourself. Why do that?? Because the account was for an elder who was used to using their old fashioned answering machine and liked it a lot. But if Xfinity voicemail picked up, the machine would never get it.

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