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Sat, Dec 19, 2020 3:00 PM

Telemarketers Keep Calling "NoMoRobo" Is a joke!

 Every day We get an increasing number of phone calls on our home phone from the same live telemarketers, calling under a different Caller ID numbers every time.  The caller name is usually a Town or municipality somwhere in our county, so the number starts with area code (570).


 The "NoMoRobo" application is as wothless as an udder under a Bull!  Xfinity put a nice face on the NoMoRobo App, but that's like putting "lipstick on a Pig" It's still a Pig!  No matter how many numbers I log, the callers find the next "digit" to dial.  Are we a call center practice number that these people use?  I keep watching our Xfinity benefits fading into the sunset, while the service keeps getting worse!

 I want to be able to get the calls we want and need, not all of this extraneous garbage!  If anyone can tell me how to get through to a person or a solution to this issue I would appreciate it!






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