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Sun, Aug 16, 2020 7:00 AM

Switched from bonded dsl to xfinity internet/voice, no dial tone on any phones

I just switched my internet/voice to xfinity from Centurylink where I had bonded dsl.  I have disconnected from the NID, but I get no dial tone on any phones. I know when the CL tech hooked me up to bonded dsl, he did something to the phone jack in the room. I rewired that jack to match the other jack but still no dial tone. 


When I plug a phone directly into the XFi Gateway I do have a dial tone, so I know its not the gateway and since everything is disconnected out at the NID, I know its got to be the internal wiring. Due to where the Gateway has to be, there is no room to keep a phone plugged into it so I need to get the jacks working.


Any suggestions?  Does xfinity work on the internal phone wiring?


Thanks in advance



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9 m ago

A tech can come out and work on internal phone wiring or get a base phone with satellite phones and bypass your home wiring (probably cheaper than a service call).

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