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Sat, Dec 19, 2020 7:00 AM


After hooking up XFi modem phones in house do not ring and calls go to comcast voicemail instead of my answering machine



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6 m ago

Is this replacing a previous modem or new install? It may not be provisioned properly, do you have dial tone coming right out of the modem if you plug a phone directly to it? And make sure you are in the tel port and not the Ethernet port ( it happens)

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6 m ago

Comcast's installer should have:

  1. Disconnected your current telco from your home's phone wiring.
  2. Run a standard modular base cord from the modem or gateway device to the nearest telephone jack to energize your home's phone outlets.

That would allow any phone plugged in to any jack in the home to work. If you have a phone in the room where the gateway is located and only 1 phone jack there, you'll need some sort of phone "Y" connector for that.


If you happen to have a third party alarm system that uses the phone line, you should probably have that company handle this as such alarm systems typically use special hookups.


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