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Thu, Apr 11, 2019 6:00 AM

New Service NOT Working as promised

Switched from an expensive AT&T landline serivce to Comcast phone only service.  Was promised many times that the Comcast phone service will be the same and at a much better monthly rate.

New service date is March 27, 2019 however when we received the Comcast equipment, we did not have a location to install the router; we were not aware that a router was required to activate the service so we called Comcast technical support and they scheduled a technican to come to the house to install the equipment, moved the line from AT&T and to also insure that our analog security system worked proplerly.  All of this happened on March 28 and because of the porting of the current phone number, we had no telephone service at all!  The Comcast tech did not arrive until March 29 so my 87 year old Mother in Law has no phone service and she needs to have a working phone to call 911 or us in case of emergency because she is basically house bound due to very poor health.  I explained all of this to the Comcast rep who promised only the best service from Comcast.   My Mother in Law has been a Comcast customer since 1994 for her TV service, she has no internet service nor mobile service so her means of communication socially and in an emergency is her phone; I hope one can appreciate how important this is to her and us and yet Comcast continue to say "no problem, nothing will change".

So now it's April 11, we are now on our third Comcast router because of the continued dropped calls and not one Comcast Technical Support Manager has called us to explain whey this new service does not work as promised.  

And no one told us that the analog security system requied us to run a telco cord from the router to a phone jack and that adjusted connections outside are required in order for this to work properly.  The technican did this on March 29 in spite of Comcast telling us that they are going to charge us for a service call if we did not install the new service ourselves.  No way do I have the technical knowledge to perform the 2 plus hours it took the technican to fully install the new service.

I call technical support every day and compain about the dropped calls and still no resolution to these issues.

We also ordered a backup battery for the router on March 29 and still have not seen this mystery battery.  I know at one time, Comcast charged us $165.00 for the battery plus shipping but I think I had  them remove those charges but have to wait for the first bill in order to see what we're charged for.  

This was a huge mistake on my part to move to Comcast; it's been a total disaster and continues to expose the lack of concern by Comcast that an 87 year old woman cannot trust that her phone will work in an emergency and that to this day NOT ONE MANAGER HAS CALLED TO SEE WHAT CAN BE DONE TO FIX THIS MESS.

I have given my mobile number to more than 15 comcast technical support people so their management can certainly call me should they want to help but after 15 days I guess no one really wants to talk or take the necessary actions to fix this.

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