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Fri, Jul 16, 2021 9:48 PM


Need existing phone number ported from ooma to xfinity - 4 attempts for Xfinity to port phone number properly. None actually worked.

My current condition. You have now configured my old Ooma phone number I have used for years that I wanted transferred from Ooma [Edited: "Personal Information"] to xfinity. Unfortunately, you have configured my long term phone address install to use a second number [Edited: "Personal Information"]. The whole purpose is to set up the [Edited: "Personal Information"] Ooma phone number to the normal use by the xfinity system and not use the the [Edited: "Personal Information"] number that has been installed by xfinity.

I have spent some time looking at things from xfinity. I do not really understand much of anything about what is being done by xfinity. There is a big number of completely unwanted items in a separate list for the phone number you created when I accepted the service. Many many totally junk items. No idea what or why.

Can you please fix this mess. We have been without usable phones for most of a month from trials from xfinity to clean this up. Not having a usable phone is a serious issue. There was a forest fire 200 yards from our house and could not call the fire department. Second fire in 9 months. And a sick wife. Can't call help.

I really really need to get this fixed. Please help.

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