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Mon, Feb 3, 2020 1:00 PM

Need answers

I spoke with Comcast in order to upgrade the internet service I had with Comcast and they sold me a bundle service which included transferring my current phone service from AT&T to Comcast. I explicitly told them that I can not be without phone service and to make sure that the phone service with Comcast was up and running before they disconnected me from AT&T.  I was assured that the technician would make sure I had phone service and not to worry.  However, after an incomplete installation that left me without any phone service, and several cancelled appointments, I have been without and continue to be without phone service. In addition, one of my personal tools that the technician borrowed has STILL not been returned.




On January 30, 2020 the technician came to the house and installed a new router/modem and connected all the computers and left.  Unknowingly, he did not connect/reconfigure our jacks and connect to the modem to obtain phone service.  I called Comcast about not having telephone service and they sent a technician out the next day Friday, January 31.  The technician borrowed one of my tools in order to trace the wiring of the jacks to obtain a dial tone from the modem to the internal jack.  The technician was working on the jacks with the tool I had let him use for about 30 minutes.  I did not see him for awhile, went to look for him and his truck was gone.  He left without my knowledge. I checked for phone service, the line was still dead!  In addition, my TOOL that he borrowed was also gone. 


I called Comcast that night and explained the situation and they scheduled another technician for Saturday February 1,2020.  I waited for the Comcast technician, no one showed up. So, again I Called Comcast, I was informed the appointment was cancelled because they had scheduled the wrong technician ( the one that had the tool). I again explained that there are 2 issues: No phone service and I need my tool back. As anyone can understand, I am now very upset. WHY would Comcast cancel the order to fix my line? I spent the rest of that night, Saturday February 1, trying to get my appointment rescheduled earlier than Wednesday, February 5, 2020, their first available appointment.  Finally, I reached a supervisor who understood the confusion.  He made a note on my account and sent emails to both the supervisors of dispatch and technicians. The technician supervisor was to locate the tool and the dispatch supervisor was to send a technician to connect phone service. At that time, he was also able to set me up with an earlier appointment for today February 3, 2020.


Today, I received an email that they were on there way.  I waited but no one came. So again, I called Comcast. They cancelled the appointment. So once more, I spoke to another supervisor who reviewed my account.  She did not understand why the appointment was cancelled and again she submitted emails to the appropriate supervisors in order to resolve this ongoing issue.  Unfortunately, they cannot send a technician today,  the earliest appointment is Wednesday February 5, 2020. Now I am left with an additional 3 days without phone service, for a total of 7 days without any phone service!!  The technician that has my tool was supposed to drop it off Saturday February 2, 2020. No One Came!!


In Short:

I have been without phone service since January 30,2020 and my TOOL has still not been returned!  


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