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Sun, Sep 27, 2020 5:00 AM

Many problems with getting Xfinity voice set up: I need a higher tier of support in the US

This is crazy, it has been over a week now and I cant find someone to help me.. They all just reboot my modem, greatly annoying the other people in the house, and tell me it will take 24 to 72 hrs before my service starts working...  Thats BS...


The problem is not with my modem, something is not set right in the account / switch. When they 1st set up the service I got dial tone, and my number showed up in the voice section of the web page but it didnt work. After 6 hrs on the phone I finally got a US based person that told me my number wasnt ported yet and it was scheduled for that Wednesday.   OK, I still had my ATT landline connected so we kept useing that (This is the line to be ported)  I have been out of town so I got home yesterday and the ATT line was dead so I checked the Xfinity line and it was dead also, no Dial Tone, No Talk Battery, like the line wasn't active in the modem (This is their modem).

Also on the XFinity site, shen I select voice it just takes me back to the main page.. Not normal..


After listening for over an hour to a person in another country tell me how important I was to the company, and how sorry they were that I was having trouble, and assuring me that they would fix it to my satisfaction (They must get paid by the mins they spend on the phone) She assured me that my modem was set up right and that it would be 72 hrs before the "system" picked up the change. I told her that was unacceptable since I now had no landline service. She did some more typing and came back and said that she had escalated my call and now it would be 24 hrs... Between asking me if I was on the line that was having the problem (How could that be if it didnt work) and telling me how much she appreciated me, in a 1 hr call we talked about my issue for only about 5 mins.  It is infuriating...


I should note that I have been a network and telcom engineer for over 30 years.. It shouldnt be this difficult...


Can someone tell me how to get to a higher tier of support in the US so I can get this problem solved as it is obviously a switch program...


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