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Mon, Apr 27, 2020 3:00 PM

Landling is dead --PS. Need a repair person appointment at my home.

PS to my previous posting. How can I get a qualified repair person to come to my home to fix the problem with the dead phone line, plus internet goes dead sporadically? Last week when I managed to get through to Xfinity agent by CHAT (which now doesn't seem to operate either), the agent said that there was some problem involving my modem, and they scheduled a repair person who never showed up. This happened twice (we scheduled for another day, but no one showed up again.)  So I'd like to find an independent qualified repair person versed in Xfinity to come fix this. How would I find one? Perhaps one of the volunteer Xfinity experts monitoring this site is available? (zip code 94804, Richmond, CA) I'm willing to pay. I've been strictly following the "social isolation" guidlines and am symptom free;  seek same. Will provide face mask.


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