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Thu, Jun 11, 2020 8:00 AM

landline porting (solution, not question)

possible solution, in case someone runs into issues with a recently ported landline not communicating with the modem (i have a Motorola 7711), i just had a technician drop by, after i suffered days of chat and calls with tech support.  they tried numerous times to reset ported line remotely, asked me to reset or unplug modem - nothing.  the technician took all of a few minutes:  unplugged coax, reconnected and made sure it was tight; unplugged ethernet cables from modem (!!!); reset and connected the ported landline from his tablet; THEN plugged ethernet back in.  that's it.  something about ethernet lines messing up the porting process.  honestly, i thought he would be here for hours.  🙂 


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