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Mon, Oct 25, 2021 6:12 PM

I've been getting call about outages and errors.

The info they have is because Xfinity Comcast use call centers in other countries. They might be regular call centers in  the day but after steal the list sell the list to scam call centers for a lot of money. It is not the only company but it is a huge problem. And they spoof local numbers through twillo and other services. Please if you can possibly stop using them and they won't have private information of people in the USA. If this continues we as a nation should start class action lawsuits on company(s) that use criminal call centers in India, Philippines, a d anywhere else.

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3 m ago

Hi, @user_e01ac6! Thanks for reaching out to XFINITY over our forums page and for patiently waiting for a response. I am sorry to learn about how you’re receiving those calls. I know I would be concerned if I were receiving calls about interruptions and errors. You’ve reached the right place for help. Just to confirm, are you noticing any service issues or receiving any notifications via My Account when receiving those calls? While researching this further, I have discovered that we do not authorize these types of calls. 

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