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Thu, Sep 17, 2020 1:00 PM

I have two landlines, if I move to XFinity for Triple Play, how do this transition happen?

Simply put I want the two landlines off my current provider and onto a Triple Play bundle with Comcast.  Ideally I'd like to port the numbers and switch over at some point, but I have a lingering question that nobody from chat can answer:  how does this work in the home?

Only one jack is wired to Line #2, while the rest of the house jacks are wired to Line #1.  Its old school 1960's technology, so I would imagine if I am going to get the house-wired phone jacks to work I'd be really having to have this professionally installed and not done via the home install kit?

Like many, I use a phone hub for my main house with lots of wireless extensions, so really only 1 phone jack is in use in my home.  If its as simple as plugging that into the new modem that would ship with my updated service, I could always go that route and ignore all the jacks in my home.  However line #2 would require me to either get the jack wired or run a long RJ11 cable to my current "Line #2 phone" location, which I could do, but curious what route people have gone.

And if I even have this process correct in my head, can anyone comment that's had 2 lines with Triple Play and how they're wired into your home?  Many Thanks.


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