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Tue, Oct 13, 2020 3:00 PM

Dropped Calls

My Comcast Xfinity home phone disconnects calls consistanly after 5 minutes, need a solution.


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7 m ago

I have been dealing with "DROPPED CALLS" for months. I thought it was my phone, since it was about six years old.

When I had Vonage I had no issues, but about six months after I changed over to Xfinity Voice I started losing calls. I thought it was my phone so I went to Costco and got a new Panasonic, set it up and darned if it didn't start to drop calls.

I have had techs come for service calls five times with in the last year. All for the same reasons. We pay a lot for full service, but I feel there has to be another way!!!  On the 15th of this month October, a tech came over and set up a super fast and new modem, alone with a new DVR box for our main TV. My only problem was that I couldn't connect to the XfinityNet. All the other computers in the house (three others, all Dell), connected. I also called Dell the next day about an internet adapter. No luck. 

Today, Sunday, I had a tech over for the same four things. Dropped calls, Dropped internet, no Xfinitynet for my laptop, and video noise.

While trying to find out about the other problems, we also found out about a speed issue. The Xfinity modem is faster than my four year old laptop. The thing that bothers me is that the older modem worked for all our computers, so now I might have to trade down, and get the old Xfinity modem back. Buying a new computer isn't in the plan at all.

The worst thing is, no matter what I do, or how many techs come to try and find the problem, this drop call and drop internet thing is still happening, the new and the old modem.  I may order Vonage, disconnect my phone from  Xfinity and see which system works the best.  I also have Netgear for my solar, since  the older Xfinity modem didn't have enough inputs. So the only way I can be on the internet  is connect to Netgear. I'll let you all know what happens!! 

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