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Thu, Jan 2, 2020 7:00 PM

Xfinty voice on connect app says I don’t subscribe

I recently moved and got my internet, TV and phone activated. My Xfinty Voice says activation was pending so I called Xfinity and set up my voicemail. Well I still have the message saying it's pending avtication My phone is working fine and has a dial tone however on the connect app, when I go to Xfinity Voice, it says I don't subscribe to it but I do, it's part of my package.  

How do I get this fixed??????





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1 y ago

My connect app just started saying I don't have voice subscription. But I do have voice as confirmed by xfinity chat.
I'm out of the u.s. for awhile and I can't make wifi calls since I was in South Africa. Anyone know what needs to be done to fix.

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