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Wed, Dec 1, 2021 12:31 AM

voicemail commands

Has anyone else noticed that many of the Voicemail commands don't work any longer? When I am listening to a message, 7-7 still stop and deletes, and # will skip the message completely, but I can no longer skip forward (3), skip to the end (3-3), skip backwards (1), start over (1-1). That means to save a message (9 still works after listening), I have to listen to the whole message since I can't skip forward. I don't use Comcast VM as much as I used to (since I have other numbers now too), but it's still a pain to listen to VM when the commands no longer work.

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2 m ago

Hello @sbwinter2, thanks for reaching out for help on our forums! You've reached the right team to help and we can certainly assist with this voicemail concern. How long has this problem been going on for? 

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