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Wed, Nov 4, 2020 9:00 AM


in the last three weeks, our home answering machine stopped working and calls would only go to Xfinity Voice Mail.  Called to disconnect Voicemail; did nothing.  Was going to buy a new answering machine but decided to save $ and put back Xfinity voice mail.  Now, although I can make calls, all my incoming calls  - phone rings twice when I answer, I hear nothing and the caller hears the phone ring several times before it goes to Xfinity Voicemail.  Spoke with 7 different agents in the last three days - all have decided it is a problem with the Voice2Go which neither I nor they can disable.  They decided they have to send a technician to the house to investigate.  Since other people are complaining about the same thing it is obviously a problem in Comcast/Xfinity system.  How difficult can it be fore them to disable one of their services?


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