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Tue, May 19, 2020 9:00 AM

View Call Log link is broken

I have been trying with no success to get someone to fix the "View Call Log" link. I have made several calls, emailed and chatted online but it appears none of them have a process to kick the problem up to the IT department? I understand there is a "Call History" option under the voice tab that goes back 90 days, but that is NOT the one I want - I need the printable month by month bill in View Call Log - the same one I have been using for two years. The BROKEN LINK can be found under the Billing tab, it is the last link in the Customer Solutions box. When you click on the link it just pops up as a blank page and percolates until it times out. FYI I have cleared my cache, tried accessing the link though several different browsers, as well as on the Xfinity app. I have also tried to access it on several different devices including my laptop, PC and iPhone. I very much need access to this information - can you help?


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