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Fri, Dec 18, 2020 1:00 PM

Requesting to have Advanced Call Blocking Features

I know that Xfinity does not have advanced features to enhance call blocking to the next level. This feature needs to be improved so that customers like myself can control these unwanted calls. Blocking 30 numbers at max is not the solution. There should be a way to create filters to block out "specific names" or "numbers that start with..." Would be nice to use the (*) asterisk as a wildcard filter.

I am currently experiencing calls every day from a debt collections agency where they are using the same Caller ID Name, but a different number and area code. I am capped at the 30 number limit. They are trying to reach a previous customer, but I'm the one with the number now receiving unwanted calls.

Would be awesome if Xfinity can create a more advanced call-blocking system.


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