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Sun, May 17, 2020 2:00 PM

Removing Voice Mail

My xFinity account indicates that Voice Mail is disabled. For messages, I use an ATT answering machine.  However, then I am on the phone and a call comes in, the caller receives a message that the number is not in service at this time.  In speaking with xFinity support, they indicate that Voice Mail is not activated.  When they reboot my system, there is a temporary message that the caller receives when I am on the phone which is that VM has not be set-up.  I say temporary because after a few busy calls, the message will again say number is not in service.

Because it appears that my voice service is trying to connect elsewhere when the line is busy, I believe that Voice Mail is not fully disabled.  I am seeking for only the answering machine to receive messages.  How do I resolve this issue I've had with xFinity Voice for over a year?





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2 d ago

I HEAR you, and I have the same, or similar, problem.   In my case, only calls from "land lines" go to my answering machine.  Mobile (cell) calls go to voice mail.  This even though I have asked XFinity, multiple times, to DE-activate the voice mail.

So far, XFinity has chosen NOT to respond to my requests.

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