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Wed, Jan 29, 2020 8:00 AM

Re-enable previously disabled Call Waiting

I despise Call Waiting and when I first got Infinity Voice, I had it disabled. Since then, if I am on the phone and someone else calls, instead of getting a busy signal, they hear " The mailbox number you are trying to reach is not in service. Goodbye." This leaves many callers to think that my phone is out of service.
What I would like is that people get a busy signal until my line is free. However this does not seem possible. My only other alternative is to re-enable Call Waiting.
I have now made NUMEROUS calls to the service department and countless hours on hold trying to get this resolved. They always say it's fixed but will take 24 hours to take effect. BUT IT NEVER IS!! Seems like an easy request. Re-enable Call Waiting and Voicemail box.


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