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Fri, Nov 29, 2019 4:00 PM

Port forward a Texas number to IL landline?

I am facing several issues with Xfinity Customer support on port forwarding my Texas based number to a Landline that is from Xfinity.

I have all details from the Texas Land line, the owners name, address, pin etc.

So i called the customer support and they were unable to do it, first guy told me there is a server incompatibility issue with the texas line service provider and xfinity.

Second time i called again, another agent told me it has to do with zoning. He said, that the texas number cannot be used in IL's landline.

Not sure what is correct? I can port any number from another state to a cell phone.. then why is zoning and issue with land lines?

If this is a server incompatibility issue then.. i can try to get a pre-paid sim from a cell phone provider, and port this texas number to the cell phone provider (Xfinity, att or verison) for few weeks/months, and then port it to xfinity.. this way the server incompatibility might not come in the way. Does that work?

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