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Mon, Sep 28, 2020 10:00 AM

Phone lines on going not working

For over 6 to 8 months my second phone line has not been working.  I have called numerous times and been told erroneous information with no help or technician.  I have tried to solve this myself unsuccessfull and partially only.


Just a bout two weeks ago my primary phone line went out as well.  We called and had a technician scheduled.  When the technician came out we were told he could not fix the problem and he left.  He did not schedule amother repair service.


We have one 1 phone line working.  We paid for two.  We need both to work.  We had to hook the phone line ourselves directly into the modem changing what the original tech had set up in order to have a phone for safety since no on ehas come to fix it.  Out second line continues to be on the bill however, it has not worked in almost 8 months.




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