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Fri, Sep 4, 2020 12:00 PM

Need Call Screening (not same as Call Blocking)!!!

I use Call Blocking but new spam callers keep calling! 😣🤯😣🤯

I receive calls then I answer and the caller hangs up 5 seconds later.  

I have no doubt these are spam calls because there is no sound on the other end.  


Xfinity needs to provide Call Screening to help prevent these spam callers from harassing their customers.


Google Voice (VoIP) has had this feature for several years.  Xfinity is VoIP as well... in an era of constant spam callers this should be a high-priority.


Call Blocking is NOT Call Screening.  I provided definitions below. 


Call Blocking 

  1. I enter number to bock
  2. Xfinity blocks caller


Call Screening

  1. I turn on Call Screening
  2. Caller calls me
  3. Caller is prompted to speak name after beep
  4. My phone rings
  5. I answer my phone
  6. Xfinity asks me if I want to accept the call from spoken name
  7. I say Yes or No
  8. Xfinity patches me thru to caller or tells caller I am not available

NOTE: If this is a spam caller then no name is spoken when prompted and my phone never rings... problem solved!  



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