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Sat, Mar 7, 2020 6:00 PM

Modem and dialtone problem

I had a Netgear CM500V modem which I replaced with an Arris SBV3202 to work with upgraded speed to 600 Mbps. Owned modems and router. After installing, everything worked as expected except I had a persistent stuttering dial tone when no voicemail was waiting. I tried leaving myself a new message and deleting it but the stutter would not go away. Advanced Repair at Comcast suggested there was a line problem and would send someone out. Being doubtful of this since it happened when I switched modems, I thought I would wait a few days and consider if I wanted to incur possible charges for this. I decided to reinstall my old modem and see if it experienced this new problem. No, it worked as expected and the voicemail stutter disappeared. Are there any known voicemail conflict issues with this Arris modem? I don’t want to take a chance on replacing with the same model.


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9 m ago

I am having this same problem (in October), plus the problem with the battery indicator not working and battery not sensed (dangerous),  plus problem with timezone being wrong in provisioning (so it indicates time that is some exact multiple of 1 hour off).


Xfinity will not correct any of these problems. They say to call Arris, even though the firmware that Arris gave them has been sitting at Comcast for QA.

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7 m ago

December 2020.  I recently installed an Arris SBV3202 and have the same problems.  Is there any way to escalate this?




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3 m ago

I also have the same problem with the same modem. It is on the Xfinity approved list so I would expect it to be compatible.

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1 m ago

I have the exact same problem with an Arris SBV3202 which I purchased from Amazon in April 2021. It is now past the date when I could return it to Amazon. I have been complaining to Xfinity repeatedly about this for over a month. Yesterday, a technician came out and eventually identified the problem by temporarily installing an Xfinity modem which worked correctly. This modem model is on the Xfinity "approve modems" list, and the carton plainly states "Certified to work with Xfinity." I have both the stuttering dial tone and the faulty battery indicator mentioned by a previous poster. So this problem now goes back almost 16 months based on the posts in this thread. If Xfinity has a firmware revision that might correct this, what is taking them so long to approve it? Come on, Xfinity, please make it a priority to fix this!

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