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Mon, Nov 2, 2020 2:00 PM

Home phone voice mail bringing up OLD messages

We have had Xfinity Triple play about a few years now, with no real issues.  Recently, if the Home phone rings, and we miss the call, it goes to voice mail. All as expected.

However, when the last week or so - the cfall goes to voice mail. Maybe I was on a zoom with my manager, heard the phone, but couldn't answer. Later, I log onto the web or the mobile Connect app to check the voicemail.  I will find the phone number of the incoming call, with the correct timestamp, etc. It will show that there is a voice mail of say 10 seconds but no transcript. 

HERE IS THE PROBLEM :  The 10-second recorded message is approximately 2 minutes long and is a message from 19 months ago about arranging delivery of an appliance purchase.  This message has long been deleted, and my trash emptied. Return to the list of 3 new /current messages - still says 10 seconds. I play it again - same OLD message.  

a few hours later, next day, different caller,  same scenario, but voice mail is a different old/deleted message.   This has been going on for days



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