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Thu, Jan 7, 2021 8:00 PM

Disable Call Waiting permanetly

I keep getting the run around from agents on the chat, and if I can ever get to speak to a live agent they promise things will be resolved.  I asked for call waiting to be taken off my land line 2 years ago, they finally figured out how to do that.  But it seems I have to call every year to do this again.  I had new modem and new lines put to the house yesterday and everything was fine until today.  I had to again turn off call block feature so I can recieve call block numbers, and then all the sudden call waiting showed back up on my phone.  I work from home and can not have features on my phone.  I have agents telling me that they do not have packages without call waiting.  I have agents saying ticket was put in, give it an hour, we will text you back.  They text back you say not resolved and they say we can't call you, call us.  YEAH, that is a loop that goes in circles and good luck if you can reach a live person.  Then I get this will be resolved, I can not lie or I loose my job this is a recorded line.  That they will call me back in an hour...reset modem while I'm waiting.  Yeah ok, did that, still doesn't work.  No one is calling me back.  Very discouraging to say the least.  Shouldn't be so hard to take features off the line.  I also can't just disable it myself becaue that is only for one call at a time, I get calls back to back and that wont work.  Seems to me if you can disable call waiting for one call you should be able to disable it permantly or for 24 hours, something not per call.  


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