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Wed, Mar 18, 2020 8:00 AM

Call Waiting & Lies! Going w/AT&T land line

I have been a customer for over 5 years and all of a sudden the call waiting feature is added without my knowledge to my phone. I've been on the phone for over 2 days trying to get this feature removed. The representative told me to wait 24 hours before it would be removed. I work from home and I cannot have call waiting or any phone features!!! After reading other messages on here, it looks like a lot of other customers are having this same problem. We had to install a new modem which is why I think this problem starting happening again. Frankly, from all the posts, you would think that Xfinity would figure out a viable solution by now or a quick permanment fix. I'm going with AT&T because the problem is still not fixed an NO ONE seems to give a darn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Also, looking at changing out my entire services with Xfinity all because they are totally incapable of fixing such a simple request!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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1 y ago

I am experiencing the same problem.  I called and they told me it takes 24-72 hours to disable call waiting.  What sense does it make to force people to have Call Waiting?  It took me 6 different call-in events to Comcast's call center for someone to tell me that the Call Waiting feature cannot be disabled permanently until you turn it back on.  I spent hours and their agents spend unnecessary hours as well.  This company is very inefficient.  Can you imagine the number of duplicate calls they receive every day?  It has to cost them dearly.  Beware of buying this stock!  We need a forum outside of Comcast so others know about this.  

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