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Mon, Dec 7, 2020 2:00 PM


xfinity streaming services

I currently have Xfinity hi-speed internet, plus mobile phone service.  My primary TV provider is ATTTVnow, which includes HBO, and some 50 common channels, including my local stations. I use an Amazon firestick, and have amazon prime as well.  

I'm intrigued with "Xfinity Flex", which apparently is free when added to my internet service.  I have these questions:

1.  The "box" is free, but is there an extra monthly charge for the voice-operated remote?

2.  Does "Flex" allow programmed recording of upcoming content; i.e., a "DVR" function?  Extra charge?

3.  Does Flex include my local channels?  (I don't want to hook up an antenna + a separate recording box to record ball games for later play.)

4.  Is there a link or page where I can plow into the details of this program?

5.  Is "Flex" the same as "Xfinity TV"?


Thank you.

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