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Thursday, October 13th, 2022 5:01 AM

xfinity flex

i find it very offending that just cuz we get help with our internet service and cant spend alot of money toward more sersvices like tv or higer amount of internet we are singled out and not able to receive or get the xfinity plex. i feel as though we are looked as we are not good enough or deserve such a thing. its very upseting to feel this way and to be treated like were lower class cuz we dont pay for higher services. you would thing if everyone no matter what services you get wed all be eligable for the same products offered ..its a shame that a company catagories people and decides who gets  the offers and who dont and yet were all receiving the same thing the internet...we all should be accepted no matter how much we pay or if were low income or not..


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3 months ago

Hello, @crazyme22! Thank you for connecting with us here in our forums. We appreciate your comments and feedback regarding Flex. It is not our intention to make you or any of our customers feel any less important than any other. I invite you to fill out our Feedback page and provide your comments there to ensure your comments get to the appropriate department. We look forward to your reply. 




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3 months ago

@crazyme22 You would be much better off getting a Roku or Fire TV Stick anyway. The Flex is extremely limiting with apps and is not customizable. Xfinity gives this free with Internet only customers. Why?  Because they hope you will sign up for TV streaming, or other pay services (HBO, Starz etc.) so they'll get a commission and make more $$ off you.

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