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Sun, Jun 13, 2021 7:03 PM

Xfinity Flex

Flex has not allowed me to log into Hulu since April 



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2 m ago

What happens when you try to log in? Any error messages or codes?

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1 m ago

Hello, @user_2b67b3! Thank you for reaching out to us over our Community Forums. I do apologize you are having issues logging into the Hulu app over the Flex Streaming device. Here are a few things to try: 


*When logging into the Hulu app on the Flex box, please confirm the password is correct by selecting show password. Verify the correct password is entered, and try logging in while the password is visible. 


*If that doesn't help, try logging out of Hulu on any other devices, or web browsers, and try the app on the Flex box again.


*If the problem remains unresolved, please contact Hulu customer service at 888-265-6650 to check for any IP bans on the app, and your Hulu username. 

Please let us know if you continue to have login issues, and any errors you receive. Thank you! 

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