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Fri, Sep 16, 2022 7:48 PM

Xfinity Flex has just "lost" its YouTube TV clickable icon

I've been enjoying YouTube TV supplied through my Flex box since I began my Xfinity service about 3 months ago.  However, since at least Wednesday, Sept. 14, 2022, the clickable icon for YouTube TV is no longer present when I start up my Flex box.  But if I use the remote control's voice command, and say YouTube TV, I am promptly connected to this subscription service.  However, when I exit from this service to enter Hulu or Prime Video, I have to use voice command to regain entry into YouTube TV.  FYI, clickable start-up icons are provided to enter YouTube & YouTube Kids.  So, the actual connecting "portal" is present & working for YouTube TV via Xfinity's Flex software, it's just the clickable icon to enter this portal that is missing. 

I have contacted Xfinity Support twice about this concern, but to no avail.  During my 2nd online chat I was informed that they were "aware" of YouTube TV problems, and was told to wait a day or so for it to be "resolved"; I did, it didn't.


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6 d ago

Hello @ticklicker. I am sad to hear you have been having issues with YouTube TV app on the Xfintiy Flex box. It has been a couple of days since you reached out. Are you still having issues or where you able to get this resolved? 

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YoutubeTV icon on home screen -

I lost mine as well since Aug 2022.   

For over 2 years, I was able to access YouTube TV icon on the home screen.

I now need to use the voice command to get to the Youtube TV app.

I think Xfinity automagically :) added new app icons and removed Youtube TV from the main screen.

Is this because YouTubeTV is a competitor to Xfinity Streaming services?

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Hi @XfinityPlsRespectCustomerTime


I appreciate you reaching out to share your experience with us. I know when things are not working how they used to be, it can be concerning. I'd be happy to look into this and see what we can figure out to get the YouTube TV icon to reappear! 


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Hi Aaron, 

Unfortunately the YouTube TV icon has not returned to my Flex box's software display.  I still have to access it by using the remote's voice command feature.

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