Monday, September 11th, 2023 1:37 PM


Xfinity [Edited]

xfinity messed up my account in the past, we called and the xfinity agent told us that they are sending out 2 flex boxes COMPLIMENTARY. We explained we don’t need it, that person says it’s fine just don’t use it…. 

We got it, as expected, we didn’t need it. And of course xfinity has been charging us for rental and whatever else.

we ONLY have internet and our estimate bill is around $75 but we are paying $200 BECAUSE OF THE FLEX BOXES THAT WE NEVER ASKED FOR THAT WAS GIVEN TO US AS A GIFT BECAUSE OF A SEPARATE ISSUE. 

xfinity is [Edited: "Inflammatory"] trying to gift me MORE BILLS. I cannot stand y’all. 

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