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Why do I have to upgrade my equipment?!

I have an xFinity modem, paid for, and 1000 mbps service with 1.2T of data.  Somehow, 1.2T isn't enough, so I called to ask for an unlimited data plan.  

Customer service told me three different times that I have three bad options:

1) Continue using my service and pay the data overuse fees.  $10/GB up to $100.

2) Upgrade my service to a new xFinity modem and pay $25 a month for unlimited data -- $15 for a modem lease and $10 for unlimited data.

3) Continue using the perfectly functioning equipment I have and pay $30/mo for unlimited data.

I don't mind paying for more data.  I do mind upgrading my existing, working xFinity equipment.  I am a computer programmer and can give the expert opinion that my equipment is fine. 

Why can't I just pay an extra $10 for unlimited data?  Or pay $25 and pretend like I'm leasing a new modem?  It's not the $5, it's the principle of the thing.  I shouldn't have to pay a fee to buy new equipment to do something that works perfectly well with the old equipment.  

I'm sorry xFinity, but this is just not a fair thing to do to a loyal customer.    

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2 months ago

@user_4degwn So much for loyalty eh? It's their way of charging you for bringing your own equipment. They're getting their money back now, plus an extra $5!

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@DreamSayerZ​ I already have their equipment!  It's their way of charging me for their depreciation loss.  "Customer First?"  I don't think so.  

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@user_4degwn When you say you already have "their equipment," what equipment is it that you have? Make/model? Was this a cable modem you purchased online that's compatible with Xfinity?

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2 months ago

@user_4degwn Hi there! Thank you for reaching out to the forums for assistance. We would love to help out! Based on the details your shared it seems that you have an owned modem. With an owned modem you would not be eligible for the xfi complete service since that is specific to providing a Xfinity Gateway, Advanced Security and unlimited data. 

With customer owned devices you would need to opt for the unlimited data plan which is $30.00 a month. If you are not using at least 151 GB's of data over the 1.2 TB data plan it would be more financially beneficial to pay for the data overage monthly. 

The other route that people have taken is to have the xfi complete service, but place their Xfinity Gateway into bridge mode and use a customer owned router to manage their network settings directly. 

I'm sorry that we only have a few options available to adding unlimited data to the account. Would adding the xfi complete with your own router help out for your needs? 

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