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Unable to login to rewards

Every time I try to access xfinity.com/rewards, it keeps putting me right back at the login page. I know the info is correct. I’ve been trying to sign up for the rewards program and get me free Peacock subscription for months now and haven’t been able to. Can someone please help me?

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9 months ago

@user_44f9a5 Thank you so much for reaching out for help with accessing your Xfinity rewards account. With the Xfinity rewards you do need to use the Xfinity ID you have set up as the Primary ID. If you do use any other ID you may run into issues as only the Primary Xfinity ID users have access to the Xfinity rewards page. You can check out this page here to see how to manage your Xfinity user roles and make changes. https://www.xfinity.com/support/articles/designate-users-restricted-or-unrestricted 
If you are using the Primary ID and running into this issue I would recommend clearing your cache and cookies, closing all your currently open widows and Xfinity apps, and trying again while connected to your in-home network. 

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