Thursday, February 15th, 2024 11:05 PM

True or not?

I have the flex box but am thinking about switching to Verizon 5g home internet  because it's much cheaper. I was informed by 2 reps that if I do, the flex box will not work since I'm not using xfinity internet.  Is that correct? If so, that is so wrong and should be allowed. Xfinity prices are too high

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2 months ago

Ok, I thought they would still let me rent it...didn't know it was free. Thank you

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2 months ago

@Goddessinf34 If you cancel your internet service with Xfinity, you must return the Flex box. Or you will be charged for it. The equipment is free, meaning no rental fee. Not free to keep. And yes, it only works with Xfinity service.


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